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I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in October 2017 following a trip to the emergency room experiencing excruciating pain so severe I couldn’t walk.

With the use of pain medication and physical therapy, I began to get better but after two months my mobility and quality of life were nowhere close to what I needed and I was depressed. 

My husband and I met with a surgeon as I was ready to have surgery to alleviate my pain and suffering. While waiting to be scheduled for a surgical procedure, I began to read and explore other options and committed to a daily stretching regimen.


I decided to try acupuncture, (my first time)

and had my first appointment with you in December 2017. Initially, I saw you on a weekly basis and after a few visits I began to notice a nice improvement. As the new year 2018 began, I was feeling much better and I didn’t have any interest in a surgical procedure.

You also helped me greatly in managing my pain and I continued to see you as I needed further acupuncture.

Today I’m doing much better, living an active life and have an appreciation for acupuncture as a positive alternative health care tool to alleviate my pain.

Thank you so much Hillary for all your help.


Chris H

Chris H

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